Having come to Lisbon every few years, I have been able to track the modernization and gentrification taking place. BElow is a set of photos the older one is 2017 the new 2019. The building was a wreck and ready to be replaced. In the heart of the Boa Hora Neighborhood.

Photo by tsparks 2017

This is the replacement.


photo by tsparks 2019

The problem here is the same as in Columbia City, Seattle, Vancouver B.C. and most thriving cities where demand is strong for new housing. Underclass people loose cheap rental property to the wrecking ball, no way can they complete with the new capital looking for a place to invest. Housing as a chip in the real estate game. Housing is a safe place to invest. Many houses are either built by speculators or investors looking to rent to the new young tech worker or entrepreneur. Out with the old in with the new. This story is not new, Lisbon is in heat of it now.