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Hawks, Quail,  Spotted Towhee  and Many More

February 24, 2018

Hawks, Quail, Spotted Towhee and Many More


Living on the edge of a 500 acre lagoon and wetland puts me in the middle of a massive wildlife refuge. I am trying to identify all the birds I see, in the course of a week, but it is tough. I see many of them at  a distance and it may not show itself completely. Many of these little guys such as junco, warblers or American dipper have a similar look. I would like to invest in a large telephoto lense so I can get good closeups, that may happen, good ones are expensive.

Living on a wetland also makes me want to understand the native plant life and how to restore it. The himalayan blackberry and the canary grass have invaded the area in a big way and getting rid of them is not trivial. Eventually I will start posting photos of the birds and landscape.

Till then here is a teaser  –

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