My regular routine each morning is to wake an hour or two before Flora. I make a cup of coffee in my Bialetti Moka Express coffee maker and have a piece of toast or a bowl of granola with fruit. Then I sit at the computer and open my email and start deleting unwanted messages. I do this quickly. When I select the message from ArchDaily I open it instead of deleting. I enjoy the daily offering from this web site. It survey’s architectural projects from all over the earth.   Each email is chock full of beautiful photos and drawings from world class architectural firms.

Flora and I are moving to the country and we need to be creative to transform our late forties modern ranch house into  a place we can love, like the house we are leaving in the Fremont Neighborhood. I see an example of something I think is inspiring and I save the photo or project to a folder on the Archdaily site.  I am using it like a scrapbook.  The Web is perfectly suited for this.

The site requires a username and password to collect projects or photos, there is no charge and the the site does’t share your information. If you want to look at what I have collected you need to login.

My collection of inspiring photos